Assalamu Alaikum.

This week`s coincidentally happens to address the current controversy and readers can read the position of Sheikh Tijjani and Sheikh Ibrahim on these controversial issues which seems to divide us.

The lesson I personally learnt from this book was that, no matter who you are in the field of knowledge, if your views go diametrically opposed to the rules of the Shariah then we do not have to abide by it. The Murid of Tijjaniyah is Full of theRemembrance of Allah And the teachings of the path of Tijjaniyah requires investing more time in the remembrance of Allah Almighty. And the best of remembrance is “Subhana Lah, Wal Hamduli Lah, Wa Lala Ilaha Illa Lah, Wa Lahu Akbar.”, and also part of its virtues is, “La Ilaha Illa Lah Wahdahu La Sharika Lah“, after the end of every prayer as it is already known.

The Scale of Tijjaniyah is The Shariah. By virtue of the charity of this approach (of Ibadah or worship) and the fact that it is in reality an approach of Qu`ran and Sunnah, some people criticized Sayyidi Alhaji Aliyu Harazimi, author of “Jawahiril Ma`ani”, “Pearls of Meanings”, because he elaborated at length regarding the virtues of this Tariqah and its values, as part of what it carries. Then they mentioned about that several times and made gross exaggeration against Sheikh Ahmed Tijjani himself. And he was the one who announced to the world entirely his popular saying: “If you hear something from me then weigh it on the scale of the Shariah what matches take it and what did not match leave it.” And this is an utterance that did not leave any chance for criticism from every point of view.

The path of Tijjaniyah is a path of Knowledge : And more often I do comment on this important announcement saying: Sheikh Tijjani has mandated his followers to seek knowledge and delve deep in intellectual persuate according to their ability. Because weighing with the scale of the Shariah and leaving it to Allah and his messenger would not be achieved but only by a seeker of knowledge. So based on this, Tijjaniyah is the path of knowledge and wisdom. And so whoever follows Sheikh Tijjani and then committed a misguided bid`ah or innovation, he never reaped(negative repercussion) but by his ownself. However, as for Sheikh Tijjani he is free from blame with this historic announcement which was supported by his manner and demeanor, may Allah be pleased with him. And even his entire actions whose foundation and criteria are based on the Sunnah of the Prophet Muahmmed (s.a.w) as that was witnessed by both exclusive and generic people.

Tijjaniyah is a path of Jihad (Striving in the Course of Allah): And in the book entitled, “Islam the Straight Path”, page 109, he said in what was written: “And in the seventh century of the Hijrah calendar(13th of the Christian calendar), Timbuktu used to be the center of Islamic culture and civilization. And after five centuries, the new defensive power got expanded when the State of Sokoto was established and subjected majority of westetn Sudan with the help of the Sufi brotherhood of Markesh – who were Murids of the path of Tijjaniyah.”

Translated By: Husseini Yushau BabalWaiz, New York



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