Salam Alaikum folks, Juma’ah Mubarak.

As part of our weekly Baye Book Translation Project, this is the fourth in our series from the book of Maulana Sheikh Ibrahim Niass entitled: ” Commentary & Clarification About Tijjaniyah & The Tijjaniyans” This week`s excerpt pages 2 &16 focus on the definition of “Tijjaniyah” and the relationship between Tijjaniyah and Qur`an and Sunnah.

All praise be to Allah Lord of the World And prayer and peace be upon the most virtuous of messengers and upon his household, his companions and their followers with kindness till the Last Day.

“Say (Muhammad) this is my path I call (for worship) of Allah with whoever followed me upon discernment me and whoever followed me and glory be to Allah and am not among the polythiest.”

However, the path of Sheikh Ahmed bun Muhammadal Tijjani may Allah be pleased with him which he prescribed for his blessed companions to practice and propagate with their role in the world. And Allah has strengthened Islam with it in many countries. It is the three[ azkar] remembrance; Al-Istigfar, Salatul Alal Nabbiyi, with any format[meaning any salat could be recited] And La Ilaha Illa Lah. We have made enough statement in it and in (tasawwuf) mysticism in generic sense in other books. So whoever wishes can review our book “Kashiful Ilbas An Faidil Khatmi Ail Abbas“{The Removal of Confusion Concerning the(Divine) Flood of the Saintly Seal Ahmad Al-Tijjani}. It consists of intellectual research in the subject which is part of the virtues of Allah upon us and people.

This Tariqah was defined by one of the greatest of its leaders who was Sheikhul Islam in Qatar, a Tunisian Sayyadi Al-Tahir Al-Taliqi. It was availed to me by a scholar in Tunis and its mufti, Al-Sheikh Muhammadal Fadil ibn `Ashur, May Allah prolong his life. Ameen. Holding onto the Qur`an and Sunnah by the Tijjaniyans: Every author will admit that Sheikh Ahmadal Tijjani may Allah be pleased with him was so persistent in the remembrance of Allah during mid night and in the afternoon. And he would command his companions with that: And all the acts of the Tijjaniyans are part and parcel of what wipe out sins. So it not strange if someone says that , whoever get committed to it his sins will be forgiven and have (good) assumption with Allah is a courtesy. This and the companions of Sheikh Tijjani may Allah be pleased with him are the fellows of purity with water and perfection of prayer. They are the fellows of the Qur`an in terms of memorization and recitation. And those who spend(their money in the course of Allah) and they are those who fast, perform hajj and embark upon jihad or any strive in the course of Allah. And this is with instructions of Sheikh Ahmadal Tijjani who has `melted` in the love of Allah. A pious scholar, an ascetic, a pietist, a celibate in the course of Allah real celibacy.

To be continued next week………..

Translated By: Husseini Yushau BabalWaiz, New York



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