Assalamu Alaikum.

This week`s excerpt are from pages 16, 17 & 18. It dwells on the fact that theazkar/awrad or litany of Tijjaniyah is not bid`ah or innovation.

The Male & Female Tijjaniyans are among those who indulge in numerous (zikir) remembrance of Allah And in the reply “Al-Maskat” written by the intellectual who possessed divine knowledge, a fiqh scholar Muhammad Al-Kansusy, spokesman of Tariqah he stated that: “….They ( meaning the followers of Tariqatul Tijjaniyah), by Allah are among the best(people) of this umah. And praise be to Allah, they are purified from all slanders, and why not? since they are always fasting, praying at night praying to their Lord by day and night, they are seeking his pleasure. Among them there are those who do not know what sleep is. And among them are those who do not care about food and drink in the day but only during the festivities(eid days). Among them are those who do not reduce their (wird) litany which consist of thousands of Salatul Fatih Lima Ugliq between day and night.”

The Awrad (litany) of Tijjaniyah is not Bid`ah(innovation): For the most part, these Awrad are part and parcel of the Awrad of the messenger of Allah (Peace be upon him), and its followers have tested its benefits. And there is nothing that has a greatest benefits to a real Muslim than consistency in remembrance of Allah and propagating the message of Islam with words and action. And we do not ascribe kufur or non belief against Muslim, because declaring non belief against one of the followers of the qibla (Muslims) poses difficulties. However, whoever treated us with prejudice and declared us as non believers we will also declare him as a non believer, because he ascribed non believe against a believer: “Then one of them is affirmed to be real disbliever”. And in reality, when a student sit behind a teacher and requested him to teach him what he recites after the prayers and he told him `Mu`aqabaat` which is so and so. And in so and so numbers, and what is said in the morning and evening and at the point of wudu or ablution and during sleep, when praying witir, and during tawaf (circummambulation) around ka`bah for example. The questioner would neither be considered an innovator nor the teacher as well.

Awrad of Tijjaniyah is Awrad of(Prophet) Muhammad(s.a.w): The scholar Abubakar Al-Deemany Al-Shanqity: Or he disblieved in Allah when a servant says Sincerely(La Ilaha Illah Lah) There is no god but Allah Or when he sort forgiveness from the Lord seeking From Him remission whose (Jannah) Paradise lies on His Hands If this (act) becomes a disbelief O people Then commit yourselves to disbelief you will praise its consequences And these(azkar) remembrance even if Shaitan was to command for it, it would have been mandatory to practice. This is based on a proof by a hadith: “He has told you the truth but he is a liar”(when a Shaitan appeared to after warning him not to come and still food again, he gave him “Hayatal Kursiyi to be reciting”). So what would be your thoughts if it was commanded by a (waliyi) or saint among the saints of Allah. And it is the awrad (litany) of the Prophet(Peace Be Upon Him). People got tolerant and related part of it to Sheikh Ahmed Tijjani may Allah be pleased with him. And all are one, because they are awrad or litany of(Prophet)Muhammad(s.a.w), nothing else. For it is the remembrance of Allah not anyone else.

To be continued next week……….

Translated By: Husseini Yushau BabalWaiz, New York.



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