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أولياء الله جوارهم ليست كجوار البشر في القدر

The Neighborhood of the Devotees of Allah is not like the neighborhood of (ordinary) people in (Allahs) Power They are human but not like the rest of mankind. Their neighborhood is not like the neighborhood of ordinary men. And the proof of that is in the scared hadith which was reported on the authority of Abu Hurairah may Allah be pleased with him who said: “Whoever shows enmity to someone devoted to Me, I shall be at war with him. My servant draws not near to Me with anything more loved by Me than the religious duties I have enjoined upon him, and My servant continues to draws near to Me with supererogatory works(nawafil), so that I shall love him. When I love him, I become his hearing with which he hears, his seeing with which he sees, his hands with which he strikes and his foot with which he walks. When he ask (something) from Me, I would surely give it to him, and where he to ask Me for refuge, I would surely grant it to him…” Narrated by Al-Bukari

 Analysis About the Hadith: I become his hear that he hears with: Allah replaces his feature (of hearing) with (His) Divine exceptional and extraordinary feature and the proof of that was when Sayyidina Sariyata Bun Hisan heard the voice of Sayyidina Umar bunul Khattab calling him from far away in Madinatul Munawarah, “O Sariyah bunul Hisan, the mountain”, meaning get closer to the mountain with your army. This had happened to the holy Prophet(s.a.w) in many instances, one of it was a stick he was once holding and he heard it making tasbeeh, or invoking the name of Allah, he gave it to both Umar and Abubakar to hold and both of them heard it. This was by virtue of being Awliya or devotees of Allah. This is sometimes called the higher state of telepathy.

I will be his eyes that he sees with: —– Allah replaces the(human) feature of hearing with a Divine eyes, replete with exceptional and extraordinary power of sight. And the proof to that was the sight Umar had of an army in Iraq while he was in Madina, and the saying of Abubakar to what was in his pregnant wife, “I see the one in this stomach as a girl”, and the saying of Sayyidina Osman to a young man who had sex by looking at a woman just with his eyes, “I see the signs of fornication in your eyes.” And long before, Umar and Abubakar saw this clairvoyantly, Allah made it possible for the Prophet(s.a.w) to see the sight of the Dome of the Rock, “Masjidul Aqsa”, when he was asked by Abu Jahl to describe to them the Dome of the Rock, after he had informed them that Allah took him with Jibreel there the previous night, where he led some leading Prophets in prayer before He ascended them to the heavens.

I will be his eyes that he strikes or assaults with:—————

Allah Almighty replaces the strength of his devotee with Divine strength in his striking ability whenever he strikes, and the proof of that was the lifting of Sayyidina Ali may Allah pleased with him the gate of Hisan Khaibar(which was known in history to be very very heavy) on one hand, while wielding the sword with the other hand. The length of the door is like three meters in this time of ours. Another proof was the saying of Almighty, “Musah poked or push him (once) and he finished him (killed him) instantly”. He did not say he beat him, because poking is a smallest pointing with the hand. Perhaps the one poked might not feel it until it was repeated upon him and with Sayyidina Musah, it equated to death. ————-

I will be his legs with which he walks with:———–

Allah replaces the power of a devotee(waliyi) to travel(by walking) with powerful and greatest ability. The proof of that happened to Sayyidina ZULQARNAIN(the possessor of the two horn, who many historians agreed was the one called Alexandra the Great. He was born around six century B.C). He(and his army) had travled round the entire earth(covering the eastern and western part until they reached the two horns of the sun) and he was a young man. And this is impossible with the modern creteria of speed(to cover distance inspite of the advancement in technology). But he had walked with his army when Allah replaced their foot with the Divine foot. It is also a proof that the sahabah or companions of the Prophet(s.a.w), may Allah be pleased with them had crossed over the Euphrates river on foot with their horses, legs, horsemen and their flocks and cattle, without their legs getting wet, even a fetching cup of one of them fell in the water and he traced it and took it back, so it wouldnt get drowned. And all the sahaba are devotees (Awliya), may Allah be pleased with them. Also part of the proof is shortening the time and distance for the Prophet(s.a.w) in the nocturnal journey or ascension to the heavens. Better still, the element of time had seized to operate here for the Prophet(s.a.w)…Until(the waliyi) becomes part of the Lord(as His devine phenomenon would manifest in him), he would say to something “Be and it would be”. Allah would give him the Divine secret of “B” & “E”, so he would operate it with the Will of Allah, and the proof of that was what Sayyidina Khidir did with Sayyidina Musah, how he destroyed the boat and nobody felt it and nobody saw them, and they had no tools and equipment for breaking the boat and so on.——–

All these happens to you if Allah just love you, meaning Allah would take you a devotee and this would not happen but with supererogatory prayer. And performance of nawafil can be established but only in the hand of a devotee (of Allah) as he said in Suratul Qahaf. Devotees have special affairs. They are not like the rest of the servants. They are a people that Allah have chosen for Himself only. The hadith we just analyzed above coincides perfectly with the wisdom of St. Marcarius the Great- in (Homily 19). He paraphrased it when he said: “A man must practice good works for a long time, with great effort and determination and at last, “God comes, dwells within him and he in the Lord and the Lord Himself sows His own commandments within him, filling him with spiritual fruits.” In fact, it is only Allah who knows where He placed His devotees, by virtue of their dedication and devotion to him. To move a beat beyond abstract and analyze it within the realm of science, I remember a one-and-one conversation i had with a Muslim Corporate Lawyer and a Modern Philosopher in New York, Mr. Imtiaz Sayed. I had an interview with him in 2010, whiles working on my second book, “Not good without God”, a rebuttal against a book by an atheist chaplain at Harvard University, entitled, “Good without God”. And this is what he said: “…The structure of our genetic codes are unique…like finger prints, DNAs and eye cycles…the red blood cells that Allah created in our systems renew themselves billion times and there are 30,000 genes that Allah created for our use. And each one of us uses only 20 percent and the rest of the 80 percent are referred by scientists as, “junk genes”…. but Allah never created any “junk genes”….the fact is that, when you are in good standing with Allah, that is when you become His Waliyi or devotee, then some of these “junk genes” open up and you can see things anddo things far beyond your limit. That is why some Prophets and Messengers of Allah could see the jinnis and angels and other “guyub” or unseen phenomena. And for us to be able to see as they do, we have to devote ourselves to his worship(nawafil) and free ourselves from mental pollution: such as hatred, enmity, dishonesty and the rest and this is hard….It is then that we will not destroy our “junk genes”, and Allah will expand our horizon to enable us go beyond the 20 percent genes usage.” It is amazing to realize that Allah had declared this reality over 1400 centuries ago when he said in Quran Chapter 72 verses 26-27 (Suratul Jinn, the Spirit/Demons), that: “He (alone) knows the Unseen(Unknown), nor does He make anyone acquainted with His Secrets. Except a messenger whom he has chosen: And then He makes a band of watchers march before him and behind him.” Now we are connecting the dots with the later generation of Awliya or Devotees of Allah, most especially, Maulana Sheikh Ibrahim Niass As the hadith of the Prophet(s.a.w) says: That: “The scholars of my Ummah are like the Prophets of the children of Israel”, meaning the Prophets that came before him. And in another hadith he said:—— That:

“Scholars are those who inherit the Prophets.” ——-

Hence, since there were/are Awliya/devotees among these later generation of scholars with Divine knowledge of Allah, they also inherited theirs qualities that made them unique. Some of them were Sheikh Ahmadal Tijjani, Sheikh Muhammed Gazali, Sheikh Ibnul Arabi, Sheikh Abdul Qadiril, Sheikh aliyu Arazimi, Sheikh Gibrima, Sheikh Abdul Qadiri Jailani, Sheikh Ahmed Bamba (Senegal) who had repeated the miracle of the sahabah/companions of the Prophet(s.a.w), mentioned above, by walking on the surface of the sea without getting their feet wet and many more. But above all was the one and only best lover of Allah and Rasululah of the last century, ———

The loner of his generation and leader of his era, Maulana Sheikh Ibrahim Niass, who had experienced virtually all these miraculous phenomena in his life time.——-

With the first one regarding the sense of hearing, Allah made it possible for him to hear what was in the heart of people. In his book, ——-

“The Book of the Spokesperson of Faidah (Divine Flood) on Some Wonders of the Custodian of Faidah”, —- which translated, Sheikh Ahmed BabalWaiz(grandpa), his spokesperson ans interpreter in Ghana narrated an incident that happened to him with Sheikh while eating breakfast with a group of Arab murids of in Dakar, in the sixties. He(Sheikh BabalWaiz) said, he was thinking in his heart and asking himself “when are we going back to Kaolack?” And suddenly, Sheikh turned towards him and said, “Alhaji Baba, dont worry we will go to Kaolack next Wednesday”. And Sheikh BabalWaiz was so flabbergasted, because he never revealed what he was thinking about to him. Another incident occurred when Sheikh Yahuza Zaria visited him. While sitting in his hall, he observed some women giving him a massage in his inner room, while he(Sheikh)was asleep. Then he began to think, “why does this Sheikh have strange women massaging him?” Sheikh suddenly woke up and told someone to call Sheikh Yahuza inside. When he entered, Sheikh said to him in Arabic, “Huma amataaya”, these two women are my slave-wives. (And you know, it is allowed in Islam for one to have slaves women on top of his four wives). Sheikh Yahuza was amazed that Sheikh had telepathically heard what he was thinking about. He then apologized to Sheikh and he told him not to worry, but Allah informed him about what Shaitan was whispering in his heart. Regarding Allah manifesting His eye sight upon his devotees sight, once Sheikh and his two children were travelling to Makkah for Hajj, one was Sheikh Tijani Niass, the current Khalifah and the other was his senior brother, Sheikh Ahmed Dam. When Sheikh Ahmad Dam was unable to get the airline ticket, he took the ship or sea vessel from Dakar seaport. While Sheikh Tijjani was in an aircraft with their father Sheikh Ibrahim Niass. When he realized his brother was not with them, he asked Sheikh where was Sheikh Ahmed Dam and Sheikh said he was in the ship teaching someone “Manasikal Hajj”, the book on the principles and cannons of Hajj. Lo and behold, when they finally reached Makkah Sheikh Ahmad Dam asked his friend to escort him to Sheikh. When they came to Sheikh(before he spoke), Sheikh Tijani asked his brother, if he was teaching someone “Manasikal Hajj” in the ship? and he answered in the affirmative,”yes” and “…he is my friend from Dakar”. And Sheikh then suddenly interrupted saying, “…He is rather your father-in-law not your friend”. They were both surprised about how Sheikh got to know what he was doing in the ship, as well as confused about the man being his sons(Sheikh Ahmad Dam) father-in-law. This came to fruition after 30 years later. It happened that, this man was a painter living in Dakar and he went to paint the house of Sheikh Ahmad Dam. When he requested “Tajdeed”, or revival of werid from him, he realized how it had impacted his life so much and he requested from Sheikh Ahmad Dam to marry his daughter, which he accepted. This brought the prediction of Sheikh that “he was his father-in-law not brother”, 30 years ago a reality. With regards to the hands of Allah manifesting in the waliyi/devotee, I remember yet another incident Sheikh BabalWaiz narrated in his book, mentioned above. It was when they welcomed Sheikh in Kumasi-Ghana in the early fifties with a mammoth crowd, everyone was eager to touch him and he(Sheikh)would stretch his hands towards them and they would move far away from him. This was through the power of Allah. And his legs that Allah would manifest his Divine power also happened according to the book of Sheikh BabalWaiz above. Sheikh happened to deliver a lecture in Kumasi-Ghana, during that visit and at the premises of this lecture, Sheikh prayed and predicted that insha Allah that place would become the central mosque in Kumasi. And up till now there exist the second biggest mosque in Ghana. By implication, Allah had answered his wish about where he had stepped his foot to be a masjid.

There were/are so numerous instances Sheikh had prayed to Allah to fulfill his wishes and it would be granted to him. World leaders – from King Faisal of Saudi, Jamal Abdul Nasir of Egypt, Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana and many African leaders would visit him or try to meet him to seek dua for themselves, whenever he would visit their countries and Allah would answer his prayers, due to his dedication and devotion to Allah and His messenger Muhammad(s.a.w). No wonder a sufi poet wrote: That: The hearts of the divine knowers(of Allah) have eyes They see what onlookers do not see And with tongues secretly invoking (the name of Allah) It is hidden from the views of noble(angels) writers (of good and bad) And a wing that flies without feathers Towards the Kingdom of the Lord of the worlds And they left us a legacy of the knowledge of the unseen(to drink from) Which pierces through (unravels) the knowledge of the ancient(people before them)

Translated & Analyzed by Husseini Yushau BabalWaiz, New York



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