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radioSalam Alaikum Jama’ah. We hereby start a whole new book this week in our Baye Book Translation Project. It is entitled:

“حجة البالغة في كون إذاعة القراءن سائغة”

“THE PROFOUND PROOF that indicates that QURANIC RECITATION on the RADIO is PERMISSIBLE [Islamically]”

Written by:Maulana Sheikh Ibrahim Niass

This book idea came about in the sixties upon one of the da’wah trips of Maulana Shehu Barhama to Nigeria. It was upon a question he was asked by the prominent scholars of Kano, led by the Emir of Kano himself, his royal highness Alhaji Muhammad Sanusi in regard to using the radio to recite the Qur’an and do da’awah which the izalah/wahabi groups in Nigeria and elsewhere were referring to as bid’ah.

So upon that question Sheikh used his exceptional and extra-ordinary intellectual capacity by using Quranic verses and Prophetic wisdom to answer the question. And you could see that he mentioned all the names of these scholars in the introduction below.

Can u imagine how an answer to just one question was dealt at lenght to cover 72 pages?….That was Sheikh Ibrahim for you!!!….Please read and share:

“When you argue in something return it to Allah and his messenger” (The Holy Qur’an)

In the Name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful

The scholar, Imam, Intellectual a dedicated reviver, Abu Ishaq Maulana Sheikh Ibrahim Abdallahi Niass AlKoalakhi has said:

(All praise be to Allah who has taught by the pen. He has thought man what he knew not—The Merciful (Allah) has taught the Qur’an. He has created man and taught him knowledge [speech]—And say O Allah increase me in knowledge — We have not left anything unmentioned in the Book [Qur’an]— We have sent upon you(Muhammad) the Book [Al-Qur’an] clarifying everything — And He creates what you do not know — Say [to them O Muhammad] look at what is in the heavens and the earth — And there is nothing that we do not have its treasuries with Us [Allah] and We do not release it [down on earth] but according to certain time —Wouldn’t they look at the camel how she was created. And to the heaven sky how it was raised and to the mountains how it was erected and to the earth how it was spread — So man should take a look at his food) and the rest of the verses that if we had compiled them and talked about their glorious and hidden meanings it would have restricted this domain or range of his (Allah’s) message.

And prayer and peace be upon his servant Muhammad the messenger of Allah the master of Arabs and non-Arabs, and upon his household, his companions and his followers of the later generation as part of the most virtuous societies.

However: I was asked by a group of scholars of Kano in northern Nigeria under the leadership of their honored royal king and great authority the champion of the religion, Alhaji Muhammad Al-Sanusi, may Allah protect and shield him and grant him his wishes here and in the hereafter. And the prudent and thoughtful author Sayyadi Alhaji Ahmed Dantata bun Alhassan. And a great scholar Ustaz Alhaji Abubakar Atiqu bun; Khadir, a great intellectual, cerebral Alhaji Abdallahi Salaga. And valiant scholar Alhaji Ahmed Tijjani Ibn Usman [Zangon Baribari]. And Sayyid Alhaji Muhammad Sani Ibn Al-Hassan, Sheikh Alhaji Usman Al-qalansuwi [Maihula. And Sayyid Alhaji Mahmud and the Wazir Alhaji Muhammad Al-Munir and others among the learned scholars and the sources of pride of the religion of Islam. May Allah grant us and them success towards what he loves and pleases with. And may He cure the ailing hearts and guide us towards the truth and bless us to stand by it and guide us to know the falsehood and bless us to stay away from it.

I said: They have all asked me about Quranic recitation and spreading the religious knowledge and preaching and remembrance of Allah and its likes among the acts that gets one close to Allah on the radio or via radio broadcasting. And I answered them as I was in transit [travelling] with what[Allah] says:

quran(In the name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful, All praise be to Allah Lord of the worlds. The Compassionate the Merciful. Master of the Day of Judgement. You do we worship and to You we seek for help). Who says: (Whoever make better the words which was preached in the course of Allah…[he is blessed]) And prayer and peace be upon our master Muhammad the messenger of Allah who says:(May Allah revive or renew [the persona] of person who hears my words and grasp[ understand it] and conveys[to others] it as he heard it”. And he said also: (Convey [the message] on my behalf even if it is s verse). And says: (Allah supports this religion [even] with an impious man). And upon his household, his companions and the followers and their followers with kindness until the Last Day.

However: Scholars have categorized bid’ah or innovation in five categories. Just like the categories in the ruling of the Sharia:

Wajib, [mandatory/compulsory], Mandoob [non mandatory], Jaez [permissible], Maqruh [detestable] and Muharam [forbidden]. So which ever [act] would facilitate the act of worship and a path to acts of benevolence and conveying the message of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] and establishing the rulings of Islam they considered it as wajib[compulsory], and what leads to acts of kindness is associated with mandoob [non-obligatory] and whatever is would not inflict any evil upon the religion is considered jaez [permissible] and what involves annihilation of the Sunnah is regarded as makruh [detestable], while what involves misguidance and corruption are considered haram or forbidden.

And these invented tools in this contemporary time if you do not regard them as wajib or compulsory [to use] then we should at least regard them as non-compulsory, because scholars have made [invented] books and set up schools to spread knowledge. And [inventing] the books of hadith and other religious books are part of compulsory and non-compulsory acts.

And these recording tools and voice amplifiers and radios were invented in recent time to serve as a means and an aid towards the advancement of the religion. Don’t you see the number of pilgrims [to Makkah] are increasing every year ? — And all praise be to Allah — How could they have been able to pray the congregational prayer under one Imam with the loudspeaker which would be mounted in the holy mosque?

So any means to the obedience of the command of Allah is an obedience as well. And we have seen how these ships [sea vessels], modern cars, airplanes, and telecommunications gargets and others became useful tools for Muslims in the practice of their religious obligations, and after all, actions are only by intentions.

And a believer [always] drives the best means [to achieve his religious obligations]. And scholars are obligated to make things easy and [always] give glade tidings, based upon the hadith of the Prophet [PBUH]: (Make things easy do not make things difficult, and give glade tidings and do not alienate [people]). Even if it is what has taken over by the scourge, if only it is meant for the sake of Allah(is permissible). And the ummah of Muhammad [PBUH] would not all agree on something which is a misguidance.

May Allah grant us and you success towards what he loves and is pleased with and may He cure the hearts of the spiritually sick ones. Ameen, Wassalam!

This is how he summarized the first answer for them. Then he continued with the second message after many ignorant people restarted the controversy again…….

[To be continued……]

Publisher’s Statement [Sheikh Ahmed BabalWaiz, Interpreter & Spokesperson of Faidah in Ghana]

And the one who took charge of publishing this beneficial publication [as part of his khidmah for the Sheikh] was Abul Fauz, Alhaji Ahmed BabalWaiz the interpreter of the custodian of Faidah [Shehu Ibrahim] in Gold Coast [the first name of Ghana] in Kumasi. This is what he wrote in this book:

In the Name of Allah they Beneficent the Merciful

Gratitude to the One [Allah] who has brought awliyah [friends of Allah] closer to him. And granted them the presence of the [divine] witness of extinction with him. And perpetual peace be upon the master of the divine martyrs our master Muhammad and his household whom Allah blessed with his divine [witness] their intended purpose.

However, i express thanks and profound gratitude for having the opportunity to shoulder the [financial] responsibility of publishing this book, which has nothing like it, nor any book gathered what it entails of pearls of meanings(understanding)…So congratulations for getting this gaus [succor] among us, the custodian of Faidah of Ibrahimiyah [divine flood] the author of this book.

And we have become conveyors on his behalf and his spiritual children manifesting it to every denier.

So I committed myself to the publication of this book as a token of Khidmah [service] for my Sheikh and my Murabi and for obtaining izin or permission from him for this service and others. So May Allah reward him with goodness. Wassalam.

Translated By: Husseini Yushau BabalWaiz, New York.

A POEM written by Sheikh Ibrahim Inyass during one of his Hajj

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Sheikh Ibrahim says in his Hajj travelogue:


I removed my clothes today to adorn the Ihram

And my Heart removed all other than You, in honor of You


And indeed, when I circambulate around the Noble House (the Ka’bah)

O My Lord! My Heart has encamped around your Being


And my running between the two Mountains (Safa and Marwah)

Is complimentary to my (inward) running between your Attributes (of Jalal and Jamal)


Translated by: Imam Fakhruddin Owaisi


bayeA very interesting and amazing narrative attributed to his personal Secretary Sheikh Barhama Diop has it that, once they were making Hajj while Sheikh was being followed by a large entourage of his murids from different countries.

They accompanied him to a bookshop to buy a book. Within a short while he went back with them to get another book. Upon entering the bookshop, this dishonest bookseller made a false claim that Sheikh did not pay him for the first book before he left.

Sheikh said he really paid. But he insisted he didn’t pay him. However to the surprise of his entourage, Sheikh decided not to engage in an argument with him and repaid him again after buying another book.

This scenario aggravated his companions. And as they were walking away, Sheikh began to talk to them in a jovial manner when he realized they were sad about the deceitful and dishonest attitude of the book seller towards him and the fact that he disallowed them from dealing with him.

Then he gave them a sigh of relief by quoting a direct command of Allah where He says about the code of ethics during Hajj:

“الحج أشهر المعلومات فمن فرض فيهن الحج فلا رفث ولا فسوق ولا جدال في الحج…”

“Hajj is one of the known sacred months. So whoever mandated Hajj in them should not commit any act of intimacy (with his wife) or commit any act of promiscuity and there is no argument in Hajj….”

So with the point, “….There is no argument in Hajj….” His murids felt relieved that, he did follow the command of Allah by repaying the book seller…..

Allahu Akbar how many people would tolerate that challenging moment….???

Reported by: Husseini Yushau BabalWaiz, New York.

Definition of Tassawuf (Mysticism)

tasawwufThe root of Tassawuf is knowledge, piety and uprightness. And when scholars talk about the virtue of Tassawuf and its fellows, they mean those whose hearts have overlooked (all kinds of worldly matters and any act of blasphemy for fame or fortune), and they do not mean those who are parasiting on the table of high level Tassawuf, who have mishandled or mistreated Tassawuf with their ignorance and their wider distance from the true sharia (Qur’an & Sunnah). And those we see a lot in this our time.

Tassawuf is not ignorance or myths or charm or voodoo (magic, sorcery or boka (as it is called in hausa language)).

Tassawuf is not just ritual. The root of Tassawuf is love, piety, cleansing of the heart and refining it. So do not judge Tassawuf based on the actions of some ignorant (people).

Imamu Malik bin Anas may Allab be pleased with him said:
He who pursued a path of Tassawuf without learning about fiqh or Islamic Jurisprudence (and applying it) he has gravitated towards the path of disbelieve(athiesm)

And he who has learnt the knowledge of fiqh and has not pursed the path of Tassawuf he has gravitated towards the path of debauchery(corruption).

So listen to these short expressions on the definition of Tassawuf by Sheikh Muhammad Mutawwali Al-Sha’rawi(a renowned Egyptian scholar below) may Allah grant him mercy, which was culled and complied for you by Sheikh Abubakari Musah Baribari, Tamale- Ghana.

Translated By: Husseini Yushau BabalWaiz, New York.