A POEM written by Sheikh Ibrahim Inyass during one of his Hajj

A POEM written by Sheikh Ibrahim Inyass during one of his Hajj

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Sheikh Ibrahim says in his Hajj travelogue:


I removed my clothes today to adorn the Ihram

And my Heart removed all other than You, in honor of You


And indeed, when I circambulate around the Noble House (the Ka’bah)

O My Lord! My Heart has encamped around your Being


And my running between the two Mountains (Safa and Marwah)

Is complimentary to my (inward) running between your Attributes (of Jalal and Jamal)


Translated by: Imam Fakhruddin Owaisi


bayeA very interesting and amazing narrative attributed to his personal Secretary Sheikh Barhama Diop has it that, once they were making Hajj while Sheikh was being followed by a large entourage of his murids from different countries.

They accompanied him to a bookshop to buy a book. Within a short while he went back with them to get another book. Upon entering the bookshop, this dishonest bookseller made a false claim that Sheikh did not pay him for the first book before he left.

Sheikh said he really paid. But he insisted he didn’t pay him. However to the surprise of his entourage, Sheikh decided not to engage in an argument with him and repaid him again after buying another book.

This scenario aggravated his companions. And as they were walking away, Sheikh began to talk to them in a jovial manner when he realized they were sad about the deceitful and dishonest attitude of the book seller towards him and the fact that he disallowed them from dealing with him.

Then he gave them a sigh of relief by quoting a direct command of Allah where He says about the code of ethics during Hajj:

“الحج أشهر المعلومات فمن فرض فيهن الحج فلا رفث ولا فسوق ولا جدال في الحج…”

“Hajj is one of the known sacred months. So whoever mandated Hajj in them should not commit any act of intimacy (with his wife) or commit any act of promiscuity and there is no argument in Hajj….”

So with the point, “….There is no argument in Hajj….” His murids felt relieved that, he did follow the command of Allah by repaying the book seller…..

Allahu Akbar how many people would tolerate that challenging moment….???

Reported by: Husseini Yushau BabalWaiz, New York.

Definition of Tassawuf (Mysticism)

tasawwufThe root of Tassawuf is knowledge, piety and uprightness. And when scholars talk about the virtue of Tassawuf and its fellows, they mean those whose hearts have overlooked (all kinds of worldly matters and any act of blasphemy for fame or fortune), and they do not mean those who are parasiting on the table of high level Tassawuf, who have mishandled or mistreated Tassawuf with their ignorance and their wider distance from the true sharia (Qur’an & Sunnah). And those we see a lot in this our time.

Tassawuf is not ignorance or myths or charm or voodoo (magic, sorcery or boka (as it is called in hausa language)).

Tassawuf is not just ritual. The root of Tassawuf is love, piety, cleansing of the heart and refining it. So do not judge Tassawuf based on the actions of some ignorant (people).

Imamu Malik bin Anas may Allab be pleased with him said:
He who pursued a path of Tassawuf without learning about fiqh or Islamic Jurisprudence (and applying it) he has gravitated towards the path of disbelieve(athiesm)

And he who has learnt the knowledge of fiqh and has not pursed the path of Tassawuf he has gravitated towards the path of debauchery(corruption).

So listen to these short expressions on the definition of Tassawuf by Sheikh Muhammad Mutawwali Al-Sha’rawi(a renowned Egyptian scholar below) may Allah grant him mercy, which was culled and complied for you by Sheikh Abubakari Musah Baribari, Tamale- Ghana.

Translated By: Husseini Yushau BabalWaiz, New York.