Assalamu Alaikum.

It was a Muhadarah/Lectures he had delivered for two straight days(first day for the Shuyuk and the next day for the Youth) at the forecourt of the Palace of the great Amir of Kano in northern Nigeria in the early fifties. In attendance were the then Amir of Kano himself, his cabinet members (sub-chiefs), dignitaries, ministers of state, prominent scholars and devoted murids. It was complied in the form of a book among his 75 books, entitled:

“توسعة العلم والعرفان للشيوخ والشبان”

“Expansion of Knowledge & Intellectualism for the Shuyuk & Youth”.

It is so amazing how sheikh interwoven these first four pages with logical and scientific analysis which is bound to make any none believer or an atheist far athinking about his idiocy and stupidity regarding an `ideology` of the none existence of Allah. It also crystallizes the real position of Maulana Sheikh Ibrahim Niass regarding the reality of “Haqiqah”. So it is necessary for us to shed off any blindfolded arguments or views of wilayah that habours some shroud of shirk by some sufi `scholars` that seems to contradict the stands of Sheikh Ibrahim Niass, because he was known to be called: “Compendium of Haqiqah and Shariah.”, by virtue of his exceptional and extra-ordinary zeal and enthusiasm to follow the Shariah (Qur`an & Sunnah), where he would echo and re-echo the common stands of Abal Abass, Alqutubul Rabbani Wal `Aariful Samadaani, Wal-Sharifful Hassani Al-Sheikh Ahmadal Tijjani, that: “If you heard something from me weigh it on the scale of the Sharia, if it coincides, live by it and if it contradicts leave it.” So any Sheikh that claims wilayah and contradicts the Shariah with elements of shirk is not worth following. Sheikh wrote regarding himself in his Deewan(book of poetry praising the Prophet(PBUH): If the best of mankind(the Prophet) walks i walk behind him And where he stops(i also stop), because the destination is far.” This as well indicates Sheikh`s unflinching desire to follow the Sunnah of his beloved and our beloved Prophet (PBUH).

In the Name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful Praise be upon the Greatest Prophet(PBUH) We start from the beginning by talking about Eeman[Faith] Faith is believe in Allah alone. And it is the highest priority in every affairs. And any person who is blessed to belief in Allah alone and does not associate partners with him, he is the one who is successful in this world and also successful in the hereafter. As for the non-believers and anyone who to took to deviation and atheism, trying to negate the existence of Allah Almighty, and giving people doubt about the presence of the creator Almighty. The creation from the beginning to the end are in two groups. One group for the merciful[Allah] and the another group for the devil[satan]. And I advise whoever doubts the existence of Allah or cause people to doubt it, to doubt about his existence before anything. This man sees himself in existence, strong and capable of doing anything. And he doubts about the existence of the creator, then who is this man? He who was created from a sperm, then a leech, then a chew-like object, and he was created a small baby. After which he became a strong adult[youth], then after which he became an old or aged person. After which he would die, and nothing would prevent him from that and can never escape that. When a man is born, he is bound to be young. First, a young person has no sense[to know his left from right] and no strength. And he does not possess anything and cannot think about anything: This is the beginning of every person. Scholars, Kings, Strongmen, Soldiers and leaders of nations, all went through this. After this[process], the person would become a strong being, acting the way he wants. And after that he would return as an old man as he used to be young, he returns as he started. And after this, he must die as well: Mankind is like this, with what man speaks, and with what he ceases to speak and sometimes with what he talks frequently? A man sometimes loses his eyesight, with what he hears and with what he does not hear? Then he would become rich sometimes and poor sometimes, healthy sometimes and sick sometimes, alive sometimes and dead sometimes. Why this? This is part of the[involuntary] actions of man. Even if mankind is the one acting by himself, that would not happen to him(on his on will). If the affairs[of creation and action] is in his own hands, if he sees himself strong, rich and capable of[doing what he wishes] he would be like that. But mankind, after he becomes strong and youthful, with black hair and handsome or pretty face, he must return to the white/gray hair one day. And why? he became weak after he used to be strong, and after that, he must die.

Mankind from the beginning of creation to our present day have returned to different world not this world. And that world as compared to this one is like a baby in its mother’s womb. And the person who becomes intelligent and knowledgeable acting the way he wishes and those who left for the hereafter none of them have returned. They are in two parts. One part have earned what they wanted, and they have from the pleasures what an eye has never seen, an ear has never heard and it has never been imagined in a man’s heart. If they were ordered to returned to this world, they would not have accepted it and would decline it. And among them there are those who have returned to a locked prison[Hell fire], even if he could be able to return to the world to believe in Allah and do good deeds, he would have returned, but alas, he cannot. And this world that there are children of mankind, they are like the owners of this world. This is a creature created by Allah, they have the world and what is in it. Allah Almighty says[in the Qur’an]: “He[Allah] created for you all what is in the earth.” All this is for the children of Adam[Mankind]. But what Allah created on the surface of the earth is a lot. This is human, this is animal, and these are beasts[and monsters] and these are birds and these are fish from the oceans. All these are creations of Allah Almighty. None is more wonderful than the other. None is more convincing as a proof over the other regarding the ability of the maker. The inventor of all these things is Allah Almighty. And he had sent messengers to teach them about Allah Almighty from Adam to our Prophet Muhammad[PBUH]. All of them had called the creation to believe in Allah and refrain from [shirk] associating partners with Allah Almighty.

Until the [da’awah] propagation of this Prophet[PBUH] reached us and we believed in Allah. And praise be to Allah. So believe in Allah without associating partners is the way to happiness. And shirk (associating partners with) Him is more hidden from swarming [crowded] ants on endocrine rock, in the darkest part of the night. There are clear shirk and hidden shirk and the most hidden shirk. And the one who practices hidden shirk associates partner with Allah and worships anyone apart from Allah, as the Christians are doing. They worship Issah[Jesus] or [his] picture, this is a clear shirk. And the hidden shirk is for the one who worships Allah in Islam and shows off and wants their praise and being arrogant upon His servants. He does things not for the sake of Allah, but for people to see him and talk about it(May Allah help us to fight the shaitan who misleads people to do that). And the most hidden shirk is for the one who see other[creatures] than Allah. And in reality, there is nothing[significant and worthy of worship] than Allah. It was because of this that I say: He who doubts about the existence of Allah, I advise him to doubt about his own existence first. And [now talking further on] the clear shirks, hidden shirk and most hidden shirk, with the clear shirk, Allah does not accept the worship of the one who does it. And with the hidden shirk, Allah does not accept it from his heart.[Because] he does not accept a shirk-related work. And a shirk-related heart is not accepted by Allah. And Allah says in the Qur’an[Those who believed in Allah alone and have never associated partners with Him they are the successful ones and they are the fortunate ones.” The great blessings Allah bestowed is belief in Allah Almighty. Mankind may be an intellectual, and intellect [knowledge] is the key [that unlocks] faith or belief. He who is not a believer in Allah would never be a knowledgeable person in our religion. He who wants to be a Waliyi[being in good standing with Allah] and does not have faith[in Allah], he would never be one. He who is not a believer and is not ‘Aarif[who knows Allah according how he should know Him], and he does not become a leader nor a prophet, nor a messenger, and he who is not a believer would not enter Jannah when he dies. Translated and Analyzed by:

Husseini Yushau BabalWaiz