The Chairman, Assembly of Muslims in Nigeria and the Fatwa committee of Nigeria Supreme Council for Isalmic Affairs, His Eminence Sheikh Sharif Ibrahim Salah Al-Husainy has embarked upon a trip to the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta in an official visit which will last for a number of days.

He made a courtesy call on His Excellency the President of Indonesia, Joko Weedudu. And His Eminences visit to Jakarta was to join the members of the Council of Muslim Juries which convenes its 7th Annual Conference in the capital city of Jakarta to debate numerous issues and contemporary challenges that the Islamic Ummah (society) is going through.

sharif1And the visit saw quite a number of important events and activities, that has attracted tremendous interest at all levels – state, media and public levels.

And the 7th forum for the Council of Muslim Juries was held in the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta under the chairmanship of Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayyib, Sheikhul Azhar (Chancellor of Azhar University), Chairman of the Council of Juries.

And the conference debated a wide range of issues and contemporary challenges which the Islamic Ummah(society) goes through.

Also, members of the delegation of the Muslim Juries met with the Council of Muslim Scholars in Indonesia where they discussed bilateral cooperation between the two sides.

It is recall that the Council of Muslim Juries is an independent International Organization which comprises of senior Muslim Intellectuals from the entire Islamic nations worldwide. And Abu Dhabi is its headquarters.

The council aims at combating sectarianism and achieving peacefulness and coexistence in the Islamic world, as well as strengthening the spirit of tolerance and a middle-ground approach between Muslims. It equally works to bring Muslim Umah together and to extinguish the blazing flames(of violence and terrorism) among the rank and file of the Muslim brethren, as well as achieving reconciliation between them.

Also, the Council seeks to lay down the necessary solutions for the prevention of internal conflicts among Muslims and coexistence between the people of Muslim nations.content