IMG-20160129-WA0029Learned people with good sense of reasoning have all concluded that the life of an individual in this generation is in a grave danger due to lack of good morals in our society even with the great achievement of humans in both information technology & science within a century.
And also every reasonable person believes that: Heart is that weighty part of the body that if it is clean then all part of the body is clean & vice-versa as it was narrated in an authentic hadith.

Apparently this part of the body that purifying it would save humans from the atrocious state they find themselves is the heart; Therefore some concerned scholars obligates themselves in search of this great cure for a corrupt heart, and also they strongly believe that this is the only solution that can save humanity. Amazingly sufism is the only aspect in the history of the world that covers the path to purification of heart even though there was no single scholar in Islamic history that disagrees with Sufism in its entirety except for some few that criticises so many acts in it out of ignorance or some few innovations induced by some independent Sufis along the way. .

Dr2cropTijjaniyyah sufi order is the most popular sufi order with millions of followers in the whole African region; Islamic history & human civilization in this region cannot be written without placing Tijjaniyyah Sufi order at fore front. Sufism is like any other life-style, it normally resembles the tradition of any community in question; as such, no doubt there are some innovations induced in Sufi practices which attempted to corrupt its purity but this would be in vein provided there are some selected servants Allah(SWT) erects to protect his religion……As long as learned scholars exist, this can never happen. Reasonable people unanimously agreed that Maulana Sheikhul Islam Sharif Ibrahim Saleh Alhusaini (RTA) is in fore front of fighting off all the corrupt practices & innovations affecting Islam. This can only be done by strengthening our faith & purifying our soul from the lowly of evils, jealousy & love of the world.Zawiyat Maulana Sharif Ibrahim Saleh Alhusainiy is obliged to overcome all of it. May Allah (SWT) make it easy for us …….


Tazkiyah educational resource center is a non-profit, non-partisan and non-political organization dedicated to Islamic learning and spirituality, founded by Zawiyyat maulana Sheikh Sharif Ibrahim Saleh Alhusaini-Zaria.

Our Aim is to highlight the importance of spiritual purification (Tazkiyah) and inner reform.

Our Objectives include but not limited to:

Inculcate good moral to the muslim individuals.

Utilization of modern materials and approach in teaching in teaching classical text.

Maintaining high standard of western education.

Contextualization of the rich Scholarly tradition of Islam to the 21st centuary.

To boost the self confidence and self esteem of the muslim students.

Helping the talented but less privileged citizens in attaining their life ambitions.

Tazkiyah Educational Resource Center is Unique in its embrace of Tradition and Technology.